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Decriminalizing Psilocybin in California: Its Status, Lessons from History, Importance to Integration, and How You Can Help

  • Thymele Arts 5481 Santa Monica Boulevard Los Angeles, CA, 90029 United States (map)


Curious about the movement to decriminalize magic mushrooms statewide? This event will give you the latest updates, place the campaign in the context of a wider history, and explain why decriminalization is important to people interested in integration.


Doors Open: 6:30pm

Event Begins: 7:00pm - 9:00pm


Thymele Arts - 5481 Santa Monica Blvd, Second Floor, Los Angeles, CA 90029.

The parking structure entrance ($5 after 5pm) is around the corner on Western. Additional parking is available in the strip mall diagonally from us on Santa Monica and Western ($2 per hour). Street parking is also available - just watch the signs!


Ryan Munevar, head of the Decriminalize California campaign is working to change the legal status of psilocybin mushrooms in the state of California. At this event, he will be speaking on the status of the decriminalization movement, the meaning and language of the campaign initiative, and looking back with a historical perspective on what lessons can be learned from the mistakes in the cannabis legalization process. This will include a special introduction segment by PsychedeLiA on how decriminalization is a prerequisite for full psychedelic integration. Volunteer training will be offered at the end of the event for anyone who might be interested in getting involved in the campaign.

Speaker Bio:

Ryan Munevar learned how to grow psychedelic mushrooms in 2010 while filming a documentary on Repeal Today, a statewide initiative that tried to legalize cannabis in Michigan. In 2013, he returned to California and co-founded Monterey County's NORML(National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws) to begin turning on the county and local cities with open source draft initiatives. Later, in 2015, he co-founded which began winning local permits across the state.

Ryan was given a percentage of Sugar Leaf Trading Company as a reward for winning their permit in the city of Seaside, which opened for less than $400,000 on Father’s Day in 2018. After scoring a perfect 100% on compliance from the BCC, Sugar Leaf Trading Company sold to MedMen in 2019 for over $3,000,000. Ryan immediately took his shares and put them all towards setting up Decriminalize California to make sure that psychedelic mushroom lovers wouldn’t need to go through the same nightmare the cannabis industry is going through right now with permits, hyper overregulation, and sin taxing at every step of the way.

Someday after the campaign is won, Ryan will turn his cell phone off and sleep for a month.



Pricing is $15–25, with student tickets available at $15 (with valid ID), early bird also at $15, general admission web price at $20, and door price at $25. When you buy a ticket, 100% of our earnings go to our Integration Fund, which is allocated to the process of putting on these events, becoming an official non-profit, and providing psychedelic therapy to those in need! :)


PsychedeLiA: Psychedelic Integration, Los Angeles is a collective of professionals and peers interested in the potential psychological and spiritual healing properties of psychedelics. PsychedeLiA events are intended for the purpose of educating about mindful & safe integration of entheogenic experiences, offering emotional support, and creating meaningful connections between community members.

PsychedeLiA's Mission Purpose:

We are a collective of professionals and peers interested in the potential psychological and spiritual healing properties of psychedelics.

PsychedeLiA’s program takes a harm reduction approach with these objectives:

We aim to provide accurate information about mindful and safe preparation, engagement and integration of entheogenic experiences.

We aim to offer educational tools to users of psychedelics and to their support systems.

We aim to offer emotional support to individuals and groups who are curious about, are planning on exploring or have explored psychedelic states.

We aim to create meaningful connections between community members.

Very Important Disclaimer: We do not encourage or condone any illegal activities, the purchase, sale, transfer, or use of any illegal substances, or partaking in any unlawful activities related to illegal substances. Please do not bring, buy, sell, transfer, or arrive on any illegal substances, or swap information on how to acquire them. Thank you for respecting our safe community space.


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